Even More Pads & Bonnets with Polish & Towel



  • Use with a Ball Spinner.
  • Uniform contact between the bowling ball's surface and abrasive pad.
  • Solid metal knob for easy gripping. 
  • Hook and Loop for quick abrasive pad changes.
  • Keep your hands clean and dry.  
  • Terry Cloth Bonnet for polishing.  


         SMarT Tool System

Made and/or Assembled in USA

          Patent # 7892073

SMarT Star


  • Has a cast aluminum base with 100 chrome bearings.
  • Custom ball cup mounted on top. 
  • Makes clean-up of your bowling balls an easy task.
  • Fits in your Ball Bag. 
  • Use with the Star or Sun to make fast surface adjustments during practice or shadow.


Holy Cow! It was awesome!... Simple to use product that didn't cost an arm & a leg. Paul from MA​

Get that Competitive Edge

 The SMarT Star

Get that oil out of your coverstock

SMarT Star Horizon

More Pads & Bonnets with Polish & Cleaner

Sun Bundles

                                            What our customers say!

I used your products (SMarT Star) just before league...resurfaced my old second-hand hammer and bowled my first 300 game with it. Antti-Matti, from Finland


You have a great tool with the SMarT Sun. I'm getting a much better scratch pattern with my spinner and no more chasing pads across the room. Jerry from PA

Hi guys! Just received combo (Solar) special today. Well packed, very good quality product and worth every penny. Easy to use and a superb, consistent finish. 10 out of 10 !!!  Jon from the United Kingdom

​​​Get the Star, Sun & Orbit 

       in One Package

Sun Nova

  surface adjustments

  during practice.

Sand, Polish and Resurface your Arsenal to stay ahead of the competition.
Match up to difficult lanes conditions and oil patterns.

SMarT Star Horizon
"Surface Management Tool Package"
    Just the Tools and Lots of Them        $99.95+s&h

Star Bundles

Starting @ $72.95

 Super Sun Nova

With the Orbit, Extra Pads & Bonnets + Ball Cleaner 

​The SMarT Sun

Starting @ $45.95

Stellar Star

Starter Package

Starter Package

SMarT Sun Sunrise

Achieve Consistent Finishes

Faster with Uniform Contact

By Hand      With SMarT Tools

Explore the Outer Limits of Surface Management with these Solar Combo Packages

Restore Lost Ball Reaction and Improve Performance

The First Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System

  SMarT Sun

Super Stellar Star

            SMarT Sun Sunrise

"Surface Management Tool Package"
Just the Tools 

​                     $72.99+s&h

​Do-It-Yourself. Take Control of Your Game and Increase Your Scores.   

       Get the Star, Sun, Orbit and more 

   Pads & Bonnets plus Polish & Cleaner

See Why Ball Maintenance is so Important

          Solar Combo                                         Super Solar Combo

Extra Pads & Bonnets + Ball Cleaner

​​​Polish Your Ball Inc.

Advantages of using SMarT Tools

SMarT  Tools for  SMarT  Bowlers


  • Produces a Factory-Like circular scratch pattern.
  • Has a shaft for attaching to your 3/8" drill.
  • Hook and Loop for quick abrasive pad changes.
  • Terry Cloth Bonnet for Polishing.
  • Soft Touch Knob slips over the shaft for fast