Restore Lost Ball Reaction to Improve Performance
The First and Only Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System


What are the advantages of the SMarT Star verses a ball spinner?
1) The Star produces a factory-like circular scratch pattern.
2) Portability; take it with you when tournament time rolls around.
3) Cost!

What are the advantages of the SMarT Sun?
1) Achieve more consistent results with equal pressure over the surface of the ball.
2)  No more holding an abrasive pad or polishing cloth by hand.
3)  Cleaner; keeps hands away from dust and wet residue.
4)  Take it with you to the lanes to make surface adjustments fast and easy.

What type of drill do I use with the SMarT Star? 
   Answer: 3/8” variable speed, AC or Cordless.

What is the difference between Abralon, SiaAir & TruCut abrasive pads?
   Answer: Abralon’s abrasive grit is silicon carbide, SiaAir is aluminum oxide,

                  TruCut most close to required grit.

What is the best way to repeat a finish I put on a ball?
   Answer: Keep detailed records with the Ball Maintenance Log when you resurface a ball. 

Can I get different grit pads with my order?
   Answer: Yes. Indicate at PayPal checkout in the comments box what grits you need. 

                          You can also use the Contact Us form to let us know what grits you want.
                          You can also email or call PYB Inc at: 702-328-6115

How long do International orders take?
   Answer: Two to five weeks depending on Destination Countries Customs and Regulations.

                  PYB Inc. ships USPS Priority Express International Mail.                                   

                  Contact PYB Inc. at for more information.

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