Items Included:

  • Star Sanding and Polishing Tool
  • Orbit Rotating Ball Holder
  • 6) Abralon/SiaAir/TruCut Pads; 500,1000,1500,2000,3000,4000*

  • 2) Custom Terry Cloth Bonnets
  • 1) Custom Micro Fiber Bonnet
  • 1) Ball Polish & 1) Ball Cleaner, Your choice.                                    Choose from these combinations using  menu below.                               Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish & Cleaner

               Brunswick: Crown Factory Polish & Big B Ball Cleaner

  • 1) Soft Touch Knob
  • 1) 16"x16" Microfiber Towel
  • 1) Plastic Ball Cup
  • Instructions
  • PYB Ball Maintenance Log Sheet**                       

                "Drill Sold Separately"

Grit substitutions allowed.  

 Use the Contact Us page with Grits desired 

       See Factory Surface Finishes
    ** For additional copies, Click Here

See the Star in Action!


Restore Lost Ball Reaction and Improve Performance

The First Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System

Polish Your Ball Inc.

SMarT Super Steller Star Upgrade to TruCut Pads with

Super Stellar Star

Abralon/SiaAir     TruCut

Advantages of Using SMarT Tools
             Get that Competitive Edge

               By Hand        With SMarT Tools
       Achieve Consistent Finishes
     Faster with Uniform Contact


    Can't ship International because of Polish & Cleaner

         We can ship the SMarT Star International

You have a choice of pads when ordering

SMarT Super Steller Star with

   For total coverstock maintenance, this setup has it all: 2 SMarT Tools (the Star and the Orbit), extra bonnets, pads, polish, cleaner and more. Customize your Star package; choose the brand of polish and cleaner plus which abrasive grits you need to complete your Super Stellar Star. At the lanes, slip the Soft Touch Knob over the shaft of the Star and make fast,consistent surface adjustments during practice.

​                                                       You can now upgrade to Tru Cut Pads.