We now offer pads in grits used by most ball manufacturers

  •  Pads for complete resurfacing.
  •  Fabric Backing attaches to Hook and Loop.
  •  Lasts longer than conventional paper.
  •  Use pads wet or dry.
  •  Foam center holds water for lubrication.
  •  Consistent scratch pattern.






                          See Hook Comparisons Chart
                                                    1 Pad      $5.00
                                     2 Pads    
                                     4 Pads  
                                     6 Pads  

                                       12 Pads   $54.00

                     You can order any combination of grits
         Indicate Grits desired in comment box at Paypal checkout

                  Or use the Contact Us page with Grits desired

     Abralon                                                   SiaAir

Abralon & SiaAir Abrasive Pads

Abralon Pads are Available in the Following Grits: 

  180   Super Coarse               
  360   Very Coarse 
  500   Coarse 
1000   Fine
2000   Finer 
3000   Very Fine 
4000   Super Fine

SiaAir Pads are Available in the Following Grits:  

  240  Super Coarse          
  360  Very Coarse                   
  500  Coarse         
  600  Medium                
  800  Medium Fine       
1000  Fine                     
1500  Finer                    
2000  Very Fine
3000  Very Fine  
4000  Super Fine

Abralon / SiaAir Pads

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