Abralon/SiaAir Sanding Pads

Polish Your Ball Inc.

     Abralon                                                   SiaAir

Abralon & SiaAir Abrasive Pads

Abralon Pads are Available in the Following Grits:              
  360   Very Coarse 
  500   Coarse 
1000   Fine
2000   Finer 
3000   Very Fine 
4000   Super Fine

SiaAir Pads are Available in the Following Grits:           
  360  Very Coarse                   
  500  Coarse         
  600  Medium                
  800  Medium Fine       
1000  Fine                     
1500  Finer                    
2000  Very Fine
3000  Very Fine  
4000  Super Fine

              Restore Lost Ball Reaction and Improve Performance
The First and Only Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System

           We now offer pads in grits used by most ball manufacturers

  •  Pads for complete resurfacing.
  •  Fabric Backing attaches to Hook and Loop.
  •  Lasts longer than conventional paper.
  •  Use pads wet or dry.
  •  Foam center holds water for lubrication.
  •  Consistent scratch pattern.






                          See Hook Comparisons Chart
                                                    1 Pad      $6.00
                                     2 Pads    
                                     4 Pads    
                                     6 Pads    

                                       12 Pads     $55.00

                          You can order any combination of grits
            Indicate Grits desired by 
using the Contact Us page with Grits