You have a choice of pads when ordering

Innovative Ball Spinner Special

Abralon/TruCut Pads

SMarT Sun & 1/2 hp Ball Spinner Special
$455.95 *+S&H for SMarT Sun only

Innovative 1/2 HP Spinner

Plus the SMarT Sun

Innovative 1/3 HP Spinner

Polish Your Ball Inc.

PYB's SMarT Sun and an Innovative Personal Ball Spinner is the perfect match.

Items included:

  • Sun Sanding/Polishing Tool.
  • Innovative Ball Spinner
  • Abralon/SiaAir/TruCut Pads: 500,1000.2000 & 4000 grit. *
  • Terry Cloth Bonnet.
  • Plastic Ball Holder.
  • PYB's Ball Maintenance Log Sheet. **                               
  • Instructions.

* Substitutions allowed: Choose from Abralon or SiaAir abrasives.
             Indicate in the comment box at PayPal checkout grits desired.                        
** Additional copies free from website.

See Bowling Ball Specs for Factory Finishes 
Save 25% on the SMarT Sun

See how the Sun works with a Spinner  

SMarT Sun & 1/3 hp Ball Spinner Special
$425.95 *+S&H for SMarTSunonly

Abralon/TruCut Pads

Abralon/SiaAir     TruCut