Log Book Accessories

$9.95 + s&h


Slip the Soft Touch Knob over the shaft of 
the SMarT Star at the lanes for quick bowling ball surface adjustments and fast easy cleaning with a Terry Cloth Bonnet. 

SMarT Tool Accessories 

$2.50+ s&h

     $24.95 + s&h

Polish Your Ball Inc.​

Micro Fiber Bonnets

$24.95 + International s&h

Terry Cloth Bonnets
Refills for Maintenance Log Book

Soft Touch Knob

Restore Lost Ball Reaction and Improve Performance
The First Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System

ABS Plastic Ball Cup

International Orders

Ball Maintenance Log Book

Extra Pages

Has a Heavy Duty Aluminum base with 100 Chrome Steel ball bearings. A custom ball cup is mounted on top. Multi-purpose;

Makes cleaning bowling balls a fast & easy job. Use with the Star for resurfacing and the Sun to make quick surface adjustments at the lanes

Polishing Bonnets

Available in 9 oz. Terry Cloth & Micro Fiber.
They fit over SMarT Tools for Polishing and Cleaning bowling balls. Bonnets are reversable  and washable for continued use.

$7.95+ s&h

Golfers do, Now you can too!
Keep track of :
Surface Management and Adjustments, Results.
Practice Sessions. 

League and Tournament locations, conditions and more.

  • Three Ring Binder.
  • Heavy Stock Paper.
  • Maintenance Log (5 pages 2 sides.)
  • Practice Log (2 pages 2 sides.)
  • 2 Separate Color Coded Sections.
  • Ball Drilling Spec Sheet.
  • 8"x 5 1/2". Small enough to fit in your bag.