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The changing of the game.
Importance of refreshing the ball  surface.
Save Money and  Return Ball Reaction
Factory Finish Reproduction 
Old to New Again   Repeat surface & Save Money
Changing the ball surface 
2011 PBA Tournament of Champions 
Used with SMarT Tools
2011 Senior PBA US Open... Textures, Spares & Grit
The need for ball maintenance 
Daily Ball Maintenance, Cleaning & Polishing
Care for Sanding Pads, Extend their Life
Ball surface  affects  performance
Create your Own Ball Finish (OBF)
Experimentation is the key
Using Polishes & Cleaners to your advantage

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                 Resin Balls:                                
Resin Balls The Refreshing:      
Two Reasons:                            
Let's Talk Scratch Patterns:        
Record Keeping:                        
One Size Fits All:                       
The TOC and Me:                      
Sanding & Polishing Compounds:     
Lessons Learned:                       
Rocket Science:                         
Abralon & SiaAir Pads:              
Tracks & Track Flare:                 
To Each His Own:                      
Outside the Box-Finish:              
The Angle & The Edge:    

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