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We’re proud to say PYB’s success comes from our worldwide satisfied customers. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a sampling of what our customers tell us. Be sure to add your own thoughts at

​I have been bowling for a long time, but only recently got into the finer details of bowling ball maintenance. I had my own ball oven and surfacing pads, but I didn't feel like the changes I made lasted long and I had no idea how to polish. After watching a friend tame his overly aggressive Hammer Dark Web with some polish one day, I took his recommendation and I ordered your Stellar Star kit. Ever since then I can properly surface the entirety of my equipment much better than by hand, and the polish I can do on my Pearls is absolutely amazing. It has already paid for itself and more in my recent tournament winnings thanks to my ball feeling like its fresh out of the box again. Thank you all for this great product at a reasonable price. --Taylor

WOW unbelievable.... I prefer new factory finish and this did not disappoint. I first tested on this on an old Roto Grip Hand Grenade ball I had laying around that was in horrible condition and it really brought the ball back to life and I have actually used it a few times since. I then moved on to a few expensive balls and was amazed by the factory finish after a quick sand and some polish. This will leave your balls looking like they came out of the box and performing like new. A little practice is required to get the correct technique and it helps to watch the you tube video to start, but very easy to master. --Frank T, IL

As an owner of 8 bowling balls, I had previously relied on pro shops or acquaintances with expensive spinners to recondition my gear. I received my kit last night and reconditioned all 8 of them. After just one night my kit has paid for itself, and I actually had fun watching my arsenal transform before my eyes. I have seen a conventional ball spinner in use and actually believe that your product is easier to use, not near as messy, and provides a better result than the spinner. And NOTHING beats knowing it was done right since it is now in my control. --Martin

I just wanted to email and say how well your product really works. I purchased one of your kits last week and it has done an exceptional job on the many bowling balls that I have used it on. I took an older Brunswick Red Zone, sanded using a 360/500/1000/2000/3000 grit sanding process. Then used an extender ball polish. I have never had a ball react as well as this one did off the dry. Exactly what I purchased your item for. I needed to get down the lane farther and sanding and polishing by hand was not the answer. Thanks again for the amazing invention. This will be something that will be used weekly before and after each session. --Skizzy Rotum

Ordered this a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. I had time to polish one ball before league last night. WOW. The ball looks almost like it just came out of its original box. I’m thoroughly impressed. Excellent idea and product. Ken, Fla.

All I can say is WOW! …I was truly amazed at how well this (Star) works. The process is very simple and compact which means “PORTABLE”. Take it to tournaments; it will fit in your luggage. I am very satisfied with my purchase; it will save me time and money. It’s a WIN WIN situation. …Customer Service Awesome, Product Awesome. IF YOU ARE A BOWLER OR KNOW A BOWLER BUY THIS NOW. Thanks PYB Inc. -- Sean, CA.  

​ In my experience this is the first and only product that I have used that I can honestly say can repeat an OOB (out-of-box) surface EXACTLY.--Icewall,

I bought this for my husband he was very thrilled at the way it works he gave it a thumbs up... Sarah

I love the product already with what it has done on the other two balls.  So it’s a great product and cannot ask for any better customer service...  Phil

This is a very great product for when you can't make it to your bowling pro shop. Being able to sand and polish your ball with your power drill, is amazing and cost efficient.

Got your Star kit for Xmas from my grandkids and went bowling with them last night after using your product on my old Murander DV8 . Well unfortunately the lanes were dry from the leagues and I saw my ball flying by the head pin ... that’s a good thing .... your product works and should be great in league play ... Thanks! Bruce

I just wanted to let you know that I received my package from yal today and thanks for the fast shipment. And I also I wanted to let you know how I learned about you product. My friend Danny went to the military tournament in Vegas and came back with this device. He has been showing it in the leagues out here in Hawaii, so I took him up on an offer to use it and I was impressed. This shall improve my game a lot and thanks for this awesome product. Hawaii 

The things I like best are:

The dispersion of the force through the entire tool surface, creating a more consistent application of pressure.
My hand no longer gets spun around the ball when applying pressure to a bowling ball in the spinner.
Cleaner and less abused hands. Thank you, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the SMarT Sun Tool. Jim 

We have been using the Smart Sun Tool for quite a few years. It is a great tool to have on the lanes and we also use it with the ball spinner.  We get lots of questions, i.e., what is that?  and  "wow, that's great, where did you get that?, and so on.  I think the tool  seems to be reliable and made well. Lottie W

I put a terry cloth bonnet on the SMarT Star and deep clean my equipment with energizer cleaner every week... it works very well.
Maxwell, Australia

I very actively recommend the purchase of the maintenance system. Only one regret, not having made this purchase before. Bravo 

Good Afternoon from Pittsburgh, Pa, I have been using your PYB system since I purchased it about 7 years ago. I love it! I tell everyone that will listen about how it improved my ball reaction over the years an how you can bring an old bowling ball back to life.

Great Maintenance System! Got my own Prop Shop in my kitchen now!-- Urban, Sweden

​Fantastic item - recommend to anybody in the sport! Fred, Fla.

Just an FYI, worked on my ball over the weekend, bowled today on the league and with only a 118 average my scores were 155, 172, and 195!  Good response from the ball and it looks great too!!  Thanks much, --Elaine, NC

I purchased this for my husband. HE LOVES IT!  Not one complaint!  He's in the basement every day using his pads, etc. Thanks for selling good products. We appreciate ya! 

Excellent tool for DIY guys/gals make it easy to maintain ball surface. Bill, CA

Have only used it 1 time so far, but it worked perfect ball started working just like out of the box, would definitely purchase again.

I just want to say, "Thank You!!!" I was not able to afford to buy a personal ball spinner and waiting to go to the pro shop was annoying. Now I am able to resurface my ball at home or at the bowling alley whenever I want or need to. My Slingshot looks and feels brand new. I was able to do this at home, in any area of my home since it is portable. I am so happy with this product and I will probably get another one just to have a back up. Awesome, awesome product!!! --Rosalyn, IL

You have a great tool with the SMarT Sun. I'm getting a much better scratch pattern with my spinner and no more chasing pads or paper across the room. I have found it to be a MAJOR time saver as well. Now I take the SMarT Sun and your rotating ball holder to the bowling alley when I'm trying to set up a new ball for specific lane patterns. It's so much easier & faster to be able to make cover changes while practicing and get instant feedback in a few games. I think it will be a big help when traveling to tournaments. -- Jerry

 I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your products. I have used them to sand/polish my own and league mates bowling balls. Just before league on Sunday I resurfaced and polished my old, second-hand Hammer and bowled my first 300 game with it! It could not have been done without your sanding/polishing systems.--Antti-Matti Tikkanen, Finland.

You guys are brilliant. Bowlers like us appreciate inventions like yours-- inventions that are effective and reasonable in price. Keep up the good work!!!—Richard

Perfect for my DIY Bowling Ball Maintenance.--Dante, Saudi Arabia

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I have an original Black Widow that quit working quite some time ago, and I soaked it in hot water to remove the oil. It helped, but never seemed to work like it did when it was new. After spending some time on the shelf, I decided to use your product and resurface the ball myself. I’m proud to say that since the summer league has started, I am averaging 221 with my ‘revived’ Black Widow. That thing has the old ‘snap’ on the back end with messengers galore.--Marvin

Because I am able to sand and refinish my bowling balls every 21 or so games on my own, I am happy to say that the ball spinner system has paid itself off in league jackpots alone.—Nelson

Received my order (SMarT Star) and used it right away. Very easy to use, and the ball is working better than new. Can't wait to try different things on my other balls. -- James

I used the Star the night prior to league and rolled a 616 after a long time… I am rather new to the game… Being able to maintain my equipment close to factory spec’s myself, and when I want, will give me a little more confidence in my game.-- Mike

I also bought the SmarT Sun for use with my spinner. Works great, and easy to hold while putting sanding or polishing pressure on the ball.--Duvallite,

I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. You couldn’t tell if the Ebonite NVS was a new or not. It came out looking

that good.--Peter, Pittsfield, MD.

Awesome product (Star). Love how easy it is to use and time saving.--Justin

(Star) Definetly takes the aggravation out of cleaning by hand after every session!!!--Kent

Thanks so much for shipping the system so fast. It’s a great product and works so well. Now if only my bowling matched your product, I’d really have something.--Bill

Thanks for putting out great products. You guys are incredibly fast with shipping as well.--Kevin

Just received your PYB kit. Used it on my Roto Grip Mutant Cell and it was great. Ball looks new! --Bill

Works great. Resurfaced 4 balls already. Orbit handy for ball cleaning. --Peprman

The resurface kit brought my Onyx Vibe back to life. I stopped at 1000 grit and with some polish it works as good as the

day I purchased it.--Peter

SMarT Sun is on point. It was so good I purchased 2. --Larry

Great kit (SMarT Sun) for any league bowler. Works well with my homemade ball spinner.

SMart Sun as described! Works better than any other way of doing it. Thanks.--Kimberly

SMarT Sun is great. It makes sanding much easier/quicker.--Thomas