MotionPro! is the ideal swing analysis and motion analysis software for Bowling.

If you want to improve your skills as a player or as a coach then you need
video feedback.

MotionPro! makes it easy for you to perform powerful video analysis of 
Bowling using equipment you probably already own!

Are you looking for video analysis software to help you coach or teach bowling.
Then look no further! The applications for MotionPro! are limited only by
your imagination.

MotionPro! can help you as an amateur by comparing your swing to other
good players or professionals. Use the software that Professional coaches use,
for a fraction of the price.
"I had a chance to run your program, it is so cool.  I'm 59 and not much amazes me anymore,
but your program is so simple to use, easy to understand, and works like you said it would."
Gregg Pauley - Pierre, SD

"I am a bowler and I have found that your software has helped me greatly improve my game. 
I recently bowled my first sanctioned 300 game and last night I bowled 290."
  Filip Mazur -- FL

                   Eileen's Bowling Buddy: Set of Four 
Includes: XL Swing Trainer, L Power Trainer, Axis Trainer & 4" Feel Trainer


       Train Yourself to use the proper form and Techniques

Does Your Bowling Ball need an OIL CHANGE?

Hook More Combo


Polish Your Ball Inc.

                                        Coach Edition CD

                                     Advanced Edition CD

                                   Instructional Edition CD

          MotionPro is Compatible with XP, Vista,                      Win7, Win8,
and all Mac OS

True Bowler Shammy

Creating the Difference

CTD Shammy/Power Pad

​              $17.95+s&h

CtD introduces the next advancement in bowling cleaning pad technology with the CtD Shammy/Power Pad.  This new dual cleaning pad has 2 cleaning fabrics with different purposes.  The microfiber side deep cleans your ball and helps get the belt marks off. When used in conjunction with That Purple Stuff maintains consistent performance shot after shot.  There is also an absorbent layer in the middle of the pad which helps to hold That Purple Stuff in the pad and ensure the cleaner lasts while bowling.  The new sherpa suede side cleans the ball topically, for when you are bowling on drier lane conditions, but still want a consistent reaction.  It gets the oil off and cleans the surface of your ball.  It can also be used to wipe off the bottom of your shoe to remove surface dust, powder and dirt. Colors may very.

See how the system works:


$252.95 Free Shipping

* Free Shipping within the Continental US only


              *Monthly Special*

           NuBall Rejuvenator

        $195.95 Free Shipping*

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Eileen's Bowling Buddy

Are you having trouble with transition while bowling?  This product is APPROVED ANYTIME by the USBC.  When your ball starts hooking too much during transition, put this product on your bowling ball to make it go longer with a more controlled backend reaction.

Color Option


        Starter Kit


NuBall by Salmon Creek Bowling Products is a bowling ball rejuvenator for end users in a home environment.

NuBall operates by circulating heated air around the bowling ball in a chamber.  The ball sits on points inside a cup. This allows the heated air to circulate under the ball as well as over and around it. We know of no other machine that heats the ball as evenly all-over as NuBall. Also, the cup provides an easy-to-empty catch-basin for drops of oil that run off the ball.

           Restore Lost Ball Reaction and Improve Performance
      The First Truly Portable Bowling Ball Maintenance System

Made in the USA.

Tired of leaving that flat 10 pin?  This bowling ball cleaner will bring back the tackiness your bowling ball had when it was new.  You'll get the reaction you need to stop leaving corner pins.  Best of all, it's approved for use ANYTIME by the USBC.

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