Polish Your Ball Inc.



Ball Cleaner

Power Wash

  • Revives natural tack to ball surface. 
  • Removes lane oil, dirt, belt marks and tape residue.
  • For use on all Reactive and Particle Coverstocks.
  • Biodegradable, citrus-based, strong degreasing formula.





  • Removes oil, dirt & belt marks
  • Slower drying gel for deep cleaning
  • Leaves polished balls extra-tacky
  • For use on all bowling balls​
  • Deep cleans oil & dirt.
  • Removes belt marks.
  • For use on all coverstocks.



​Tac Gel

  • Removes oil, dirt, and belt marks from the ball's surface
  • Emulsifiers accelerate oil removal
  • Bio-degradable apple scented formula
  • For use on all high-performance bowling equipment


  • Length - no change
  • Backend - increasing
  • Overall Hook - increasing


$15.95+ s&h

Powerhouse Ball Cleaners